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First off, before some of you get all :evil: on me, keep in mind that any mods I make MUST not effect the mpg or drag co-efficient in ANY way. They're all cosmetic to the inside, and sometimes outside.

I am currently looking for racing seats, dvd players and alarm systems compatible with the '04 Prius. The only answer I EVER get from Toyota is "We recommend AGAINST any alteration of your facotry set vehicle as..." Well, so far I've changed the rims and the tint and the car hasn't imploded and I don't have a 1 way ticket to hell, so with that said and done...

Seat mounts: Does anyone know if the 2004 Prius seat mounts are shared with any other Toyota models (the Corolla or Camry for instance) or would I need a total custom job?

DVD Player: I refuse to touch the existing screen. Does anyone know a DVD system that could be semi-easily integrated that will not look TOTALLY out of place. Perhaps it would use that little door below the disc changer?

Alarm Systems: Anyone gotten anything after market? There was a "keying incident" involving my car that led to 3 weeks of repairs and I want something with proximity sensors and a 2 way transponder. I bought the system and a guy at Good Guys makes it sound like he can do it, but Toyota is saying "he'll probably have nothing to do with it once he sees it because of the voltage issues and risk of fatality with the high voltage battery." On the other hand, Toyota offers absolutely no system that would notify me the moment something has happened, and living downtown in a larger metro (Long Beach, CA) sometimes I need to park a short distance away. I refuse to deal with another 3 weeks of rentals when a $350 alarm system can play a big part in preventing a repeat.

CA/WA states and neon underbody kits: Anyone know the legality issues with the neon underbody kits (ever seen a car glowing green or purple from the underside? Those things) I'm wanting to get one and I;'ve heard ever answer imaginable from COMPLETELY legal, only legal if the tubes don't show, legal as long as its not a license plate frame, legal only if not red or blue (emergency vehicle colors), and not legal at all. ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE?

I've added chrome and tint ( ) and as I have mentioned in another post (this is my second ever... first was a reply about black Prii) I want my Prius to be the greatest rally car imaginable that in no way sacrifices the mpg and drag co-efficient that God gave it.

Take care and I look forward to any/all replies. Besides this board, anyone with great advice can reach me at:
[email protected]

I know mods on the Prius is a sensitive issue with some of y'all. If your opinion is along the lines of "you crazy s.o.b." Please don't send flame mail or calls. I wouldn't do that to you.

Thank you much! :D

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Since you're on yahoo!, check out the PriusMods group. Also check out if you want to buy ready made custom Prius accessories.

An installer should have no problem installing the alarm system you want. There's an obvious set of orange cables running along the bottom, about 18" in from the driver side of the car. They should avoid cutting these cables, but there's no reason to be cutting there anyway. As long as the car is not "Ready", these cables aren't even energized, so even if they make a really big mistake and cut them (how?), they just need to avoid turning on the Prius afterward until it's repaired by Toyota.

There are also a few obvious orange cables and a Hybrid Synergy Drive box under the hood that they should avoid damaging. Again, there's no danger even if they do damage them until they try to start the car.

The more important concern is the load on the 12 volt battery when the Prius is not "Ready". Since the 12 volt battery does not run a starter motor, it's sized fairly small and can be drained easily in a few hours or overnight if your alarm draws an amp or so even when the car is off.

This would also be a concern with neon lights if they can be turned on without the car being "Ready". You might turn them on to show off in a parking lot, forgetting to turn on the rest of the car, then feel foolish a half hour later when your car won't start.

I'm not sure of the legality of under body neon in your state. Check your DMV's website.

Good luck and have lots of fun personalizing your car! Post pictures!!!!!
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