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Given the marginal uses for EV mode (cool as it may be), and the really marginal efficiency gain (at best), I wonder if there isn't a backstory to it. Aside from the novelty (which appeals to me, don't misunderstand), it really isn't useful with the current battery.

Looking at the EV button in conjunction with the oversized battery compartment (compared to the present battery), I wonder if a different battery might have been considered at one point, perhaps with a greater storage capacity. Maybe it was not cost-effective for use in normal modes, even though it would extend the range in EV mode, making it a little more practical. At some point in the development cycle, they may have felt the current battery was optimal overall, though less than ideal for EV mode.

If down the road a replacement battery, with more capacity (as can be expected as technology advances) comes along, I wonder if we'll be able to take advantage of it in the current Prius. Will the charging logic need to be reprogrammed, or has Toyota made a system with the ability to handle a wide range of battery/motor/kinematics? Some capability to handle non-nominal values would have to have been programmed in, so that the car can adapt as components age and efficiencies start to vary.

The car may "learn to grow old" and if so, it may already "know" how to handle a higher capacity battery. And thereby an improved EV mode.
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