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Don't pass on your dreams Hirose. But don't count on any manufacture supplying you with what you wish no matter how much sense it makes. I have been reading since the demise of the four door Lincolns of the desires of consumers who would like to find a four door convertible on the market again. You would think that some one who really likes the convertible market would be in to four doors by now just because of the lack of competition like Chrysler who has been leading the world with their Sebring and Saab who of all their models seem to advertise only their convertible in the US. But I guess it will never happen. Chrysler had the jump on the world when they came out with the convertible version of the "P.T. Cruiser," but what did they do but convert the four door to a two door! And before the comments about the strenghthening problems and weight restrictions let me point out that Toyota designed an excellent hybrid. Their aren't any problems which can't be solved.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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