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jeff said:
We are looking at adding a Product Review section to the page. So, before we start reviewing things I thought I would ask for some imput from everyone.

1) Do you think that it would be useful to review products on this page?
2) What items should we review?
3) Would you be willing to assist in the review process, either by providing items or writing reviews?


This is a SUPER idea, Jeff!

1) Absolutely!
2) I would suggest subcategories:
---2a) Package options (#2, #7, #9, etcetera)
---2b) Non-package options installed at port or dealer (floor mats, window tinting)
---2c) After-market items (3rd party floor mats, window tint installers, sunshades, MP3 players, etc).
3) I would be happy to provide ideas and possibly to take part in reviews for those things that I have purchased, or plan to purchase anyhow.

Of course, there will occasionally be some things that don't fit neatly into these categories. For example, a comparison review between the factory tires and aftermarket tires would possibly be a combination of items 2a and 2c. In this event, it would have to be a judgement call.

There's one suggestion that I have, so as to prevent potential conflicts of interest from going unknown: Anybody who does a review should clearly state up front whether or not they do business with the company making, distributing, or installing any product being reviewed (beyond just being a customer, that is). Kind of like money managers who have radio shows; under "fair disclosure" rules, they have to mention it if they own shares in any company they are discussing.
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