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Long Story Comin..2001 Prius.

A few day ago, I couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition, no previous problems at all. The key wouldn't turn, and it felt like something was blocking it. I took the ignition out, drilled through the rivets holding it together, and found a tumbler that was stuck out. I removed the wafer, put the ignition back together, reconnected everything, and it started without any issues. Pat myself on the back for being lucky, move on.
3 days later....key suddenly feels locked in. After I take it out, I put it back in and the car wont start. They key turns smooth, but its another problem and not sure how related it is. When I turn the key now, the car wont start, I get no ready light, the gears show on the display, but it doesn't show what gear it is square around the PNDB. If I leave the key in the "on" position the gas gauge will start blinking from full to empty. I checked the diagnostic screen and my battery shows 11.6V.

When I had the ignition out, I disconnected the main Battery and just took of the neg side of the 12v battery. Im hoping that Im just an idiot and ran down the battery, and thats what is causing my problem, but I don't know. Im no mechanic.
Dont want to waste buying a battery if thats not my problem. Any ideas?
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