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Prius worth 13k surplus over Corrolla?

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  • Yes, but the monthly payments UGGH

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  • No, I think the prius is out of my price range

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Hep said:
I left my two week old Prius with the dealer yesterday to tweak a couple things. They gave me a Corolla to drive for the day. The Prius is better in SO many ways I can't even begin. Even without the hybrid, it would be worth the difference.
A few months ago I had to leave my '04 at the dealership (explained in "WARNINGS!!" thread under the Technical category) and was given an '04 Corolla to drive. This is a Prius forum and I'm not lookng to offend any Corolla owners, but, IMO, the Prius is a far superior vehicle in every way: handling, fit and finish, and comfort are all remarkably better; everything about the Prius feels more substantial.
I had been unimpressed after driving Corollas in the past and, since I had enough money and was fortunate enough not to face a waiting list, I didn't even consider the car when purchasing my Prius. Now, after driving the '04 Corolla, I can say that the '04 Prius is definitely worth the difference to me. However, if my financial situation were changed, or had I faced a long waiting list, my conclusion may well be quite different.
Drive happy,
Moo :)
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