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kiwipriusowner said:
'Drafting' any vehicle, or 'coasting' in neutral is not permitted and in fact constitutes dangerous driving. It is the duty of all entrants to drive in a manner that does not attract attention and adheres to New Zealand traffic law.

So the result is even more impressive. Good grief I love this car.
Except in the Prius, it's quite easy to drive in 'Neutral', without actually shifting there (feathering the pedal.) So the Prius has a marked advantage there. :) For example, there is a 1 mile long stretch of road near my house that has a 25 mph speed limit. It happens that the grade is VERY slightly downhill. Just enough that once you get up to 25 mph, you can put it in Neutral, and stay at 25 mph until the end of the 1 mile stretch (a curve that you have to slow down for.) In my manual transmission car, holding in the clutch does it. In the Prius, I can feather just right to get it into 'Neutral', and it does it.
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