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So someone at work was talking to me today about my car (nothing new) and one of them asked about the size and stats of the gas engine, and I don't know a LOT of it but I know that it puts out around 70hp and is 1.5L. After work we went to the parking lot, I popped the hood and showed it to him. Explained that on a controlled test, I was able to get it up to 108mph (anyone else tried to see what "top speed" is?) and he was impressed, but then mentioned something about "So you just have an electric motor which gives you the torque you need, and what? Just the lawnmower engine?"
That got me thinking. Everybody break out those sunday ads in the paper, it's Father's Day (happy father's day to all the dads out there, by the way!!) and I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of riding mowers in the home improvement ads (and Sears) today. How do the engines on these $3000 grass clippers, compare to the Prius GAS ENGINE (ICE)?
Just curious. :p
To take it even further, anyone know what the mpg is on these things and how the environmental specs compare? This part may be a bit more "techie" friendly, but hey... worth a shot, and maybe a few others have discussed it before and wondered too. :p
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