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Prius USER-GUIDE (second edition)

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Lots of updates are on the way, all of which I'd like to get done before the Minnesota Hybrid Gathering on Saturday, April 27.

That link is where you'll find the first edition from last year. Please review it, then send suggestions. Lots of people have asked for additional detail, stating a mini-book is more helpful than a thick packet. So let's create one!

Sections will be grouped into these proposed categories: Driving, Nurturing, Maintenance, Other.

Any other ideas or comments?

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Hi John--
I suggested last fall that the Prius makes a lot of unusual noises, most of them not very loud but puzzling. I would like to see a "catalog" of the noises. I read about the noise of a motor that charges the brakes when the car is first started, for example. And there are several little noises that seem to be associated with the engine turning off. The is one little buzz sometimes that lasts only a few seconds that sounds like a timing motor.
So I don't think I can add anything to the catalog of noises but I hope someone can.
Bill Eichelberger
"Noises" is something that actually on the third edition idea list.

Having the gathering approach so soon, I had to choose the items that could get add/change/deleted in time.

Another "noise" is the surprise soft thump you get while sitting silently. Even though the engine has been off awhile and you're not moving, you still sometimes hear something under the hood afterward. That's actually the cooling system for the motor shutting down.

Speeking of noises.

I notice (For real) a noise coming from the drivers side that sounds like a servo motor turning something. It lasts about 1-2 secs and usually does it (at least when ive noticed) when I first start the car.

Does anyone know what this may be?

There is another noise when I go from Reverse to Drive. A small slight click sound simular to that of the doors locking but not that load.

I wish the doors did lock by themselves when put in drive or after getting above about 15 mph. I dont care for the addon kit that you have to attach to the seat belt. Couldnt it attach to the shift lever instead?

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