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My Prius now sports side Moldings.

Please see my original post of May 23rd. to see what this is post is all about.

Unfortunately I relied on the dealers salesman to measure the Prius doors since I was out of town at the time. He screwed up, and told me to order a complete set of front and rear moldings from a Highlander. I did as he recommended.

The moldings from a 2004 Toyota Highlander fit the Prius perfectly. Highlander front doors are slightly wider than 41 inches. Prius front doors are both slightly wider than 41 inches.

While the Highlander front moldings are the correct size, the Highlander rear moldings are too short. Thus, you must order two sets of Highlander front door moldings to fit your Prius. The moldings will probably be available in the color of your car.

If you do not want to spend the approximately $360.00 [if your dealer will give you the available 30% discount] to buy the Toyota moldings, you can buy rolls of side molding strip from any auto parts store and put them on the car. They wont color match your paint but can be bought for under $40.00.

The part numbers of the Highlander moldings which you need are follows:

2 each: 75731-48020-BO
2 each: 75732-48020-BO

Note that BO is the color code for a silver car. Ask your dealer for the color code for your cars color and order appropriately.

Arizona Charlie
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