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Don't know whether anyone can help me, but my Prius is having the same type of issue.
I was driving home from my parents place, a good 1200 mile trip. No issues till we took a toilet break. On starting the car and moving there were no issues, but once we hit about 40km/hr the car started shaking and jumping around, like it was in 5th gear going slowly oround 20 while accelerating, or hitting a rough surface. the check engine light flashed up a couple of times. We pulled over and waited for a tow truck. The mechanic ran a test, said the computer came up with a misfire on the 3rd cylinder. The engine was started, by this time it was cold, and there were no issues.
The mechanic replaced the spark plugs and the coils.
We drove off. Next stop , the car did the same thing when we drove off ( hot engine). We pulled over and waited about 40 mins. Then off we went again, no problems this time until we stopped for fuel. Then same issues, shaking car, engine lights. Waited for engine to cool, again no worries. Made it home.... Finally. Took it to my mechanic on the way we stopped at roadworks, I put the car in Park as it was quite a wait and then in Drive to move on, the car started shaking, engine light flashed on.. mechanic gave the car an slightly overdue service, couldn't find any issues though. I left it with him as he didn't have time to look at it more....three weeks later, he tells me the car is ready, he changed the fuel filter.
Drove home. Went to drive to the shop, same problem..... Driving me nuts.... What is the problem?? Anyone know? Anyone else have this happen?
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