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Prius Rear Suspension

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In reviewing the current official Toyota Prius web site, for fun,I went through the steps of "Build your own". Look at Step 1 of 7, Key Features, Mechanical & Performance. There is says "Leaf spring rear suspension with staggered gas shock absorbers." This must be an error. Surely the fine coil spring and torsion axel suspension of 2001-2 has been continued.

Has anyone looked? :roll:
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Took my 2002 Prius to the dealer today for the free 12 mos. service and while there looked under the rear of a 2003 on display in the lobby. The rear suspension is the same coil spring arrangement as all other Prius. It proves that even the Toyota people are not perfect although I really do expect such since so far my car has been as close to perfection as is humanly possible for such a radically new design. (Do I exaggerate?)

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