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Whew! We just returned from beautiful Puerto Rico back to unbelieveably cold and snowy Midwest. Left my Prius at the airport for 8 days in blustery cold, 9 inch snowy outdoor lot at Midway airport in Chicago. We had no idea the weather would turn so awful here. I couldn't believe that the FIRST car merging with us out of the San Juan airport was a twin Seaside Prius! At our resort almost in rural PR, I spotted at least 7 Pri, including 5 contracted as security cars. My family couldn't believe that I chose to speak to one of the security drivers about mileage during our only unfortunate problem--all 4 hubcaps stolen from our rental Lancer. Let my husband deal with filing reports with the police and parking officials-- I wanted to know about the Prius! She had no idea about the mileage it gets (can you imagine?) but said after 3 months of continuous 24 hour driving, it has 19,000 miles on it!
We were due home last night, but as it turns out, our flight was diverted to Indianapolis overnight because of the snowstorm and the tragic plane/car accident now in the news. (That plane's skidding off the runway occurred only a few minutes before our pilot decided to abort our planned landing ( A couple other passengers also diverted said their rental car in Puerto Rico, was a Prius. No instructions on how to start it either, but they were impressed with it, as were all the people trying to catch a look at the MFD.)
This morning we finally arrived back at Midway, and I must admit I was more than a little worried about my car starting after 8 degree weather, piles of snow, and 8 days outdoors. The start was so quiet my mind told me we were in trouble. BUT NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM. I love this car.
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