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From My Inbox, Probally will be more helpful to get answers from the whole group.

Hi, I am 11 years old and am doing a project on Hybrid cars. I was wondering if you could tell me about all the speacial features and how much you like your Prius.
Thank You,

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Using my Prius make me feel good. It allows me to make a difference by creating less air pollution, and by using gasoline more efficiently.

I LOVE my Prius, Its just down right fun to drive and to be in. Knowing that I am doing my part to help with the gas problems, and most of all the overall global warming problems that our gas hogging cars have done to our world.

True I could probably ride a bike and get the best mileage of all, and really no pollution at all. But I would probably get ran down for one, and its not practical for me because of the area I live in. No public transportation, etc.

Hybrid cars are not the only thing you can do to help. I also recycle when it comes to trash day. There is only 2 other neighbors on my block that also recycle.

Wouldnt it be nice if everyone took the time to recycle. Wouldnt it be nice if everyone drove a Hybrid.

Toyota's Prius was the choice for me, because of the quality, the smooth drive. The car is quite. Not only when its running on just the electric motor but it also is quite while sitting inside shielding me from outside noises.

There is other features as far as the way the car is engineered that also made my choice over the other cars. Its a fun challenge to see how much mileage I can get out of the car. Or how far and long can I drive on the electric motor before I start seeing traffic start to come up behind me. Then I have to drive more normal so's not to make anyone mad because Im not going fast enough.

Other features of the car are just right for me. Im a computer nut. So things just fit right in when it comes to the center touch screen computer module. I also have the Global position sat system (GPS) Its amazing how accurate this little wonder is. Hats off to Denso and Toyota for their wonderful craftsmanship and engineering they have put into this car. This is the first time I have bought a car and not felt guilty or regretted the purchase.

Hope this helps some with your project.

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I started driving right around the time of the first oil crisis in the early '70s. So I learned early to buy cars that didn't need much gas because I don't like to waste things that everyone needs. I also don't like to cause unneeded pollution. Before the Prius, this meant I always had to get economy cars that didn't have much room or any of the nice features that other cars had. So I was really happy to discover the Prius because it gets really good gas mileage, hardly makes any pollution, yet has lots of nice features like automatic windows, door locks, and windshield wipers; a nice stereo (with CD player); and a really nice air conditioner and heater. It also has a really smooth automatic transmission and a much quieter ride than the cars I had before.

Once I had ordered my Prius, I found out there are a lot of other people on the internet that also ordered or have a Prius. With their help, I started learning all about the hybrid electric/gas system that makes the whole thing work. It was a lot of fun because I got to use a lot of the physics and math I learned in college to help understand it. It made me feel really good that I could figure out so much about it. I was also very impressed at how smart the Toyota engineers must be to make this car.

Robert Snyder

(MY New Jersey license plate says PIKACHU because I have a small Japanese electric critter)

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I commute by bicycle back and forth to work regularly from April to October
during the warm weather, and ride on the streets with town traffic.

I'm become very aware of the differing amounts of tailpipe emissions from
the variety of cars and trucks on the road. Older (pre-1980) trucks and
cars are much more polluting, and I try to hold my breath as these vehicles
go by -- the smell of their exhaust is very noticeable, and harmful to me
and other people on the roads.

So on days that I have to drive, when I pass a cyclist and my Prius is
running only on its electric motor, I get satisfaction in knowing I'm
having little impact on the cyclist's (and others) air and health.

Mark Andre
Fort Collins Colorado
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