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Comments on how the second generation Prius handle Canadian winters..northern Great Plains/Praires region:
cabin comfort/window defrosting/defogging?
snow rutted roads, ground clearance issues?
starting when left outside for long periods?
Is there a remote starter available for these or is it even possible?


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Check the archives over at:
but realize that the 2004+ Prius has been through 2 winters already, so you've got a lot of catching up to do.

The only problem with starting is if your 12v accessory battery is flat/freezes. The gasoline engine is started with the hybrid battery, so no problems there. Canada also has the same coolant storage for faster warmups.

Only complaint I've heard is that cabin warmth may take a while in -30C weather. Or that the "traction control" is different than expected... You may want to invest in snow tires.
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