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Hi folks:

I enjoy very much this forum. It’s incredible how could be told about a car.

I’d like to tell you something about Prius situation in my country (Spain). The previsions are 1.000 Prius to be sold during 2.004. The pros of Prius efficiency versus other cars is hard to handle because there are strong competitors in our market. Look at these numbers:

Prius has a mileage of 50mpg. At a cost of 4,17 $/gallon (gas) in Spain, we get 8,34 cents/mile.
VWGolf (Fox in USA?) with TDI 110 HP has a mileage (diesel) of 45 mpg. At a cost of 3,67 $/gallon (diesel), we get 8,16 cents/mile. The mileage of the VW Golf, Audi A-3, Peugeot 307 HDI, Renault Megane or Ford Focus TcDI (all Diesel ICE) may vary between 40 and 45 mpg and all of them are slightly cheaper (with the exception of A-3) than Prius
For instance, a Golf 140 HP with automatic gear DSG, cost abt the same of Prius, and all of them have as a serial or as an option, features as Xenon front lights, leathered steering wheel, anatomic seats, automatic rain sensor, automatic darkness sensor, (even Renault Megane has Smart Entry key), stability programs, ABS and others. You can check this at (remember 1Euro= 1,20 $)

Although, I placed a Prius Rojo Mica (Salsa Red) order middle July to be delivered next 18th September. Full equipped, because the only option in my country is the Nav. System which hasn’t interest for me. The cost of the Prius is $ 29.880 (w/o Nav)

I get only a test trip of 200 miles ending July and then I confirmed my order.

The things I found upsetting on Prius were:

1. Position of the parking brake pedal. Too close to my left leg to keep clean my trousers and very dangerous in traffic accident. What’s doing such archaeological device on a tekky Prius?
2. I miss a forward/backward steering wheel to find a comfortable drive position
3. Plastics in dash with poor aspect
4. Armrest too low and easily worn by friction or sweat. I’d like to have a protection wherever the hands could get to.
5. Steering wheel too thin. I don’t need specific leather but something more comfortable to handle.
6. I found multi-screen very interesting but, in fact I’d like to found one screen else with all the trip information together (broadcasting station, average, miles left to drive, temp outside/inside, fan speed, green or red arrow to show how mi driving is, etc..).
7. Lack of options, i.e. xenon front lights, powered seats.
8. Low reselling price.(in Spain for the reasons exposed above)

The thing s I loved on Prius were (not necessarily in this order)

1. Smart entry
2. Quiet ICE and shut-off in stops
3. Excellent automatic gear system
4. Exclusivity
5. Low emissions
6. Amount of technology

And that’s all. I work in electronic job and I was tired to replace my car by another with exactly the same devices just redesigned. The Prius will be my wife’s car ( her VW 2002 Golf 4th generation has been transferred to our son) and I keep my Audi A-6 waiting forward the results of Hybrid Lexus next year. Hope my Prius incites other people to buy it. Hope I don’t be wrong with my purchase. Time will tell anyway.

Sorry for bad English and best regards.


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Hi catalonianprius. Are you in Barcelona? Such a beautiful city! The Catedral de la Sagrada Familia, and the Casa Guell, just to name two points of interest.

While it's true that the diesel cars get almost as good a mileage as the Prius, they pollute and they stink. Unless you burn biodiesel.

Your complaints about the Prius are generally valid. Lots of folks have complained about the same issues. But in the end everyone says they are minor concerns, compared with how great the car is. And I guarantee you will love it. The technology is super-cool, the car is powerful and fun to drive. And you will have the EV button built in from the factory. Here in North America we have to add it as an aftermarket mod if we want it.

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If you would like your armrest to be a little higher and more comfortable here is how to do it. If you are satisfied with the armrest the way it is read this post and do nothing.

When you open the Prius center console you will find a small black tray which can be used to hold change, a pen, keys, etc. This tray is removable and has an alternative use which I don't think is mentioned in the owners manual.

Remove the tray and you will notice that there is a slot on the front-inside of the console. Put the tray into the slot allowing it to stand up vertically. The top of the tray should face the rear of the console. Close the armrest and the armrest is now resting at a convenient upward angle and is actuallhy usable as a place to rest your right arm.

Arizona Charlie

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Hi Daniel:

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Barcelona. Actually I live 60 miles North Barcelona in the middle of the tourist resort of the Costa Brava but of course I know very well the city.

I simple wanted point out that the eco-arguments (ecology and economy) are not valids in Spain or are not so valid as on the States because, in economics, it’s no difference between cars and mileage. In the ecologic side, European brands claims out than their models “meet all requirements and conditions of the next 2006 restrictive Law referring emissions of Europe and America” so…

I ‘ve no doubt. I will love Prius. I buy it for explained reasons. I get a call from dealer to pick my car next wed. But all we must be critical with its disadvantages to force Mr. Toyota or somebody else of his team to improve the product and, simultaneously increasing month to month the Prius production.

My main complaint is dedicated to the parking brake pedal (I did never read in this forum a complaint about this device so maybe has been only my sensation during a short trip). The car is how it is and I support Toyota courage for introducing such a car between others models yet consolidated in the market. I wish other brands would follow this way to an ecologic driving, instead turning all us each time more dependable of the Middle East Califas, through more and more powerful cars with a max speed near 150 mph. Crazy situation when, in almost all civilized countries you have a ticket running merely at 55 on roads or 80 mph on highways.

Hi Arizona Charlie:

Thanks. I tried, in my Prius driving trip to Pyrenees mountains, your suggest that I saw also in this forum: put the tray into the slot and that makes me driving more comfortable. Just then, I realized that the armrest could be worn a lot by sweat in summer or wet clothes in winter. I would test also an easy–to-wash cushion to cover the armrest.
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