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Hi all
Due to popular demand, Sunnyvale Toyota is holding another Prius/Highlander Hybrid workshop for anybody interested in this technology. Beside their technical staff, they will have Mario Jaime, TMS Technical Supervisor from Toyota there. I have attended two workshops so far, and both where very informative. They setup their service department with chairs, cars, and demo parts (such as batteries, planetary gears, electronics’ etc). After a short intro, it is mostly questions and answers, with plenty of time left for one on one discussion with the technical staff and a detailed look into the actual hardware. Since they also provide a small snack and drinks, and seating is limited, they would like you to drop them an email if you want to attend.
I am personally hoping to get more info on the actual workings of the Hybrid Highlander 4WD system as well as long-term maintenance on my Prius (how do I know my HV battery is still OK?).

Prius/Highlander Hybrid workshop
Tuesday, August 9, 2005
6:30 PM-9:00 PM
Toyota Sunnyvale
898 West El Camino Real
Sunnyvale CA 94078
Stefanie at 408-716-1881
[email protected]

Urs and Brigitte Steiner
White 04 Prius BC with 29K
White 06 HH 4WD with 0.009K and loving both……
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