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Prius HSD wins 2 'Engine Oscars' in 2005!

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The International Engine of the Year Awards are issued annually by a jury of over 50 motor journalists from 26 countries, and are widely recognized as the 'Engine Oscars'.

There are 11 individual categories, and one overall 'Best New Engine' award.

The Prius HSD won in TWO categories this year, and the Honda 1 litre IMA also won in one category.

Toyota's Prius HSD won:
Best Fuel Economy
Best Engine 1.4 to 1.8 litres.

Honda's Insight IMA engine won:
Best sub 1-litre engine.

Congratulations Toyota and Honda!

Here are other winners:
Overall best new engine: BMW 5 litre V10
(Toyota 3.3 litre HSD came in 3rd)
Best performance engine: BMW 5 litre V10
Best sub-1-litre: Honda 1 litre IMA
1-1.4 litre: Fiat-GM 1.3 litre diesel (Honda 1.3 litre IMA came in 2nd)
1.8-2.0 litre: VW 2-litre FSI turbo
2-2.5: Honda 2.2 litre diesel
(that one is quite a feat since it's Honda's first ever diesel!)
2.5-3 litre: BMW 3 litre twin turbo diesel.
(Honda Accord Hybrid 3 litre came in second)
3-4 litre: BMW 3.2 litre (M3 inline 6 for fith year in a row!)
>4 litre: BMW 5-litre V10

the IEotYA website:

Last year the Prius HSD won four of the wards, including the overall award "International Engine of the Year"!

The Insight IMA engine won it's sub 1-litre category for the sixth time in a row, making it the most successful engine in 'Engine Oscars' even over BMW's M3 inline six.

Kudos to Toyota and Honda for their success, and for making hybrid technology so prevalent in the Engine Oscars!
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That's great, who won best foreign engine ?
How in the world could they compare the Prius engine to any normal cycle running 1.5's?
So... who won in the category of best 50kW electric motor? :D

Seriously, when do you think electric motors will finally compete?
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