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I post this for all who are considering the Prius.

I have learned sooo much here and it really has helped in this decision.
So again, thank you to those responsible for this site!

I would like to post my thoughts and considerations for those who may gain from it.

Here goes it...

I have read a lot here on this forum.
I have read a lot elsewhere.
I have test driven the Prius.
I will not even consider the Honda Insight (2 seater and uh...ugly).
I drive 50+ miles each way between my selling territories.
I drive countless miles in the cities of El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM

My wife and I want a mid-size to be able to exchange when needed.
We have a 5 year old daughter (who just loved the car..."from the mouths of babes"), she was very comfortable in the back.

There's just a feeling you get when you sit in and drive a car, sometimes inexplicable. (most of you understand this I'm sure)
It's either for you or not.

I've had numerous Camaro's and a 2002 Camaro SS among many other cars and trucks in-between.

I need mid-size, great MPG, great feel....
Oh....and some gadgets. (techy fan too)

The Prius has it all.
To me, it has the power/pick-up of any other new 4 banger out there.
It was so fun to drive.
Did I mention it is sooo fun to drive?
(yeah, coming from a Camaro SS fan)

It's not too small. (smaller end of the mid-size spectrum but nonetheless a mid-size feel for sure inside)

The gas savings for me each month pays for a lot of the payment.
I looked at a Corrola & a Camry.
We own a 2004 Sienna (love that too).

You have to do your own total cost of ownership but for me with what I drive, doing what I do, it makes sense.
(the Corrolla, a 2006 with a 5-speed, came in first place for total cost of ownership for me, but barely and it's a compact and has very little "feel" for me.)

My wife says the NAV unit is not necessary but hey if I'm going to drive a hybrid and do good on other things, I can have a toy or two right? I just tell her "hey, I'm selling in brand new territories, this will help me get to where I'm going faster and I'll be more productive" can play out the rest... LOL.

When it comes to price, it's comparable to many other mid-size cars AND has a lot of "neat" things too.

As for the seats, I'm 6ft/225lbs and very comfortable in the car.

I love the fact that the Prius is almost a "zero" emissions car.
I love the fact that you run on battery during certain circumstances.

Cons: The only ones I can think of are,

New technology (They are on the third generation and these have been around a while but compared to the history of the automobile, it's still kinda "fresh"). And, I like fresh (third gen, so not quite "bleeding edge" of technology.

Maybe a little spendy for some,
only *if you're looking for the "absolute" lowest cost of ownership and willing to go to a compact*, but then again...where are gas prices going? ? ? ?

In closing,

I know this is a bit long and I hope you find some bits and pieces that help you.

I'm ordering my 2006 Toyota Prius tomorrow.
Package #5 or Package #7 is my last decision to make.
To NAV or not to NAV, that is the question....



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Oh yeah,
I usually do on these sorts of things...not unlike many others I suppose.

For me, it can be an obsession until I get it right...know what I mean?

And, like I said, if some or all of those details are going through someone else's mind, then maybe it'll help them as well.

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It's great to read that you are 6ft. and weigh 225lbs. That's about what I weigh and how tall I am, and I've been wondering if I'll be comfortable in a Prius. I haven't gotten to test drive one yet, but you post gave me some hope.

Oh, go with the NAV. It really does help.

Best of luck!

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To me, the seats are just as comfy as our 04 Sienna. Hopefully sethd85, you'll get to drive one soon and make your own determination.

I will be going with the NL (#7 with NAV) BTW!

I believe you and others when you say "it really does help". It's been said by some people here that they didn't think they'd use it much...but when they got's a whole different story.

And, I know that I really could use it for what I do. Will it be worth it $$ wise down the road remains to be seen. I won't know if I dont get it. I have never used one before.

I just ordered my 06 today.

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I like it when folks do their homework. I'm sure glad you have done yours. :D

Buying a car requires at least some part logic, and some part emotional connection to the vehicle. Logic should drive the purchase (like keeping the dealer at bay, negotiating, pricing, financing), but emotion should help you determine if the vehicle is "right" for you, your family and your purposes. There is nothing worse than driving a car that doesn't feel right, you end up wanting to trade it or get out from underneath it much sooner than you should.

Some of your comments were how I felt. The car was smaller than other mid-sized, but more than expected on the inside. The back seat is amazing, very roomy and I keep both front seats all the way back. Nobody has their knees in their chest or on the seat backs. Headroom can be a little tight for tall rear seat passengers, but the leg room is such they just slouch a little and all is well, and they don't seem to be that uncomfortable. A tall friend of mine rode in the back seat all the way from here to Olympia and he slept most of the way over with his head between a rear seat headrest and the C pillar. He seemed comfortable enough, but then again some folks are made of rubber.

All in all this is a very impressive car. Very smooth power application. Ride is stiffer than I would like, but I have my tires at 40/38. Lower tire pressures will provide a nicer ride, but may reduce mileage.

Ok, enough of my rambling.
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