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Hello' everyone ,
my beloved 2008 Prius at times shows this ( to me strange) behavior):
1) When I start the car from cold, I let the ICE run for a while and then I am off driving...
2) At the red traffic light or at Stop sign, the ICE will switch off....GREAT
3) When driving slowly in traffic, stop and go situation, it goes electric , the ICE will come on when the power is down...all is TERRIFIC
4) Then under the same circumstances the ICE will just stay idle....and I worry and get depressed
5) Then I stop , turn all off, start again and all goes back to being GREAT and TERRIFIC and I am all happy again.
I have noticed this only a few days ago after owning and driving the car for 3 years and just don't know wether it has been doing it before. The fuel consumption seems the same...I am very confused.
Could please someone enlighten me about it.
Many thanks
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