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The Prius Club of San Diego continues to grow and have successful encounters. Saturday 7-24 we had 17 Prius in the caravan to celebrate the end of the Sierra Club Drive Across the Country. Over 20 members attended. Sunday 7-25 we had 48 people with 30 Prius in attendance (including the 2 student-drivers from the Sierra Club) at our third Club meeting. 9 Prius stayed for the picture session down the road (see the Prius wanna-be in black & white that joined the group in the pictures to follow). Member Henry Eisenson put on a fabulous presentation of Prius modifications that some have done and showed off accessories such as leather seats, side protector strips, pin striping, license plate relocation, etc. Everyone learned a lot and had a great time. We raffled off prizes kindly and generously provided by Coastal-e-tech and Henry and enjoyed an excellent lunch on the waterfront. The Prius were all parked in a roped-off parking area, making quite a sight for other diners.

Our next meeting is tentatively set for Sunday, September 26 at a place yet to be determined. Watch for further information or get on our mailing list at [email protected]

One of our members, Roger Scott has been kind enough to make it easy to view a number of shots of the 7-25 meeting.

see the photos at
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