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Hi Folks,

I was driving my 2008 on Saturday when suddenly several warning lights (including the hybrid system warning on the center computer console) came on and the car began to gradually lose power. I pulled over and shut it off for 10 min to reset the system. Turned it back on and the lights stayed on. The power in the car continued to die. My dad pulled up behind me and said my rear lights slowly dimmed. I had the car towed to the nearest shop. In addition to the hybrid warning system I noticed the following lights: yellow engine light; the red triangle of death; VSC light; and the ABS light.

The shop replaced the 12V battery in the car and added some gas (it was pretty low if not empty). The car started up but all the warning lights were on. The shop said it gave out the hybrid warning system code when they hooked it up. They want to replace the hybrid battery for $2,600. I asked them to check the alternator and inverter pump as well. Could low gas have been a problem? The gas gauge hasn't worked for a while so I stop pretty frequently to get gas. Could this have screwed up the hybrid battery? Is there a way to check the hybrid battery voltage? Should it be checked before replacing the battery? What about sitting for long period times? It rarely gets driven more than 1X per week.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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