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Prius as PC

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Here's a question I've been wanting to ask for some time.

Is there any information on software upgrades for the Prius?

I took delivery on my 2001 green green-car in March of '01. I'm averaging around 49 MPH and loving it.

Like many, I chose the Prius as much for the Gee-Whiz tech factor as for the fuel economy (though they are certainly linked) and I feel about it like I feel about the various software packages I use on my computers. Great stuff, when's the next version due out?

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only if you have a problem with your Prius will they replace a computer... sometimes the computer will have a newer revision level.

if you have the engine surging problem (see TSB EG006-01), then there is a computer replacement. only certain VINs are eligible, and only if they exhibit the problem... ... sage/17674 ... -01_p1.jpg

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