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Problem: Engine heating up; hybrid battery light, it won't start after water pump was replaced

Code Reader:
1) coolant sensor (error) - replaced
2) hybrid battery (error) - pending replacement
3) engine poor power (error) - replaced spark-plugs and coils
4) water pump - replaced

* Three weeks ago my Prius 2010 started heating up. I researched the Prius's symptoms (engine knocking/rattling, poor engine power, overflow tank was getting too pressurised and shooting all the coolant out of the cap...). I decided to replace the coolant sensor, the spark plugs and coils, the water pump, then, I went for a test dride. Unfortunately, after a few miles of driving it began to heat up again. Background: For the last few months, I have had signs that the Hybrid Battery is going bad (the car would stop completely in the middle of nowhere, and will only restart by disconnecting the 12v battery for a few minutes to reset). The car would run for another 500-1000 miles before dying again--I'd reset disconnecting 12v to continue driving. This quick fix does not work anymore. Now, when I try to start it, there's a tiny knocking/rattling of the engine and the engine won't start anymore. The car was at least starting before replacing the water pump, also with the engine knocking but it'd start. I know there's many things my car needs at the present time. However, my priority is to get it to run ASAP for work and thus to maintain my livelihood. Due to my economic situation at the moment, I am thinking of going the cheap way by 1) sealing the head gasket for about $100, and 2) buying a remanufactured hybrid battery and put it with some help from my friend. Desperate times. What do you think? I sincerely appreciate your guidance and support. -tzunum
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