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I have this prius for almost 8 months.
I have a cd player single.
I need some help to select an mp3/cd system.
I can follow any instructions and I can take the cd in or out.
Please let me know my options.
I appreciate your help.

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prius 2001 mp3/cd

Thanks mrv.
In the past I received this message that you send me in your email.
I was hopping that we had some new options.
The mp3/cd offered in the webb is too stiff If there is any other way
that I can bild my own interface board let me know where I can get
the scematics or the controller board.
As always I appreciate your help .
I will like to keep my prius to the last screw left working.
So far in 8 months I traveled 20.000 miles average 52 miles per gallon.
There were days that I got 60 miles to the gallon when I did not use my
I found prius 2 factory toyota mannuals for my car $135.00 on ebay.
In a few weeks I will talk technical problems that I had.
I need a device that will read my prius computer maybe you know what is the best for the money.
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