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I didn't even try to get a discount. A dealer 25 miles away had the color and options I wanted on the lot and ready to sell. I paid MSRP. All I asked for was an extra key. I had cash in hand and I was hoping for a quick purchase, maybe take an hour at most. Haggling can take hours. Even without haggling it still took 3 and a half hours for Fremont Toyota to turn over the car.

Most of the delay was caused by the finance man trying to do the paper-work so the bank could make me a loan. He thought I was getting a bank loan. I thought he was just doing the DMV and bill of sale paperwork. He did not realize that all I needed wasthe final price (with tax and DMV) so I could run to my bank to withdraw the right amount of money. He was stuned when I refused to give him credit related information.

After a few hours I was tempted to insist they put it on my Visa card, just so they could eat the extra 2% fee that Visa charges. Yes, I have a card with $25,000 available credit. No, I didn't do it this time, but I've done that in the past.

I'm very happy with the car, but will not return to that dealer.
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