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Re: Price negotiations

When I bought my 2002 in mid-November, the dealer had 8 on the lot! They ran an add for 15,995 :lol:

In the fine print, it said 'after $2000 federal tax credit' (it's NOT a credit, so this borders on deceptive advertising). Still, a real price of 17,995 is great, so I went in.

Even after padding the price with stupid stuff like pinstriping, I walked out at $19,480. I thought that was pretty good. Best I'd seen anyway.

One wierd experience: When I got into Finance, they said that they couldn't do this deal unless I bought the extended warranty. After a lot of arguing, they told me that the warranty can be cancelled immediately, with a full refund (-$25). So I gave in. I did cancel the warranty, and I did get the full refund about a month later.
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