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Hello Everyone,

While researching living fulltime on the road, I came across this wonderful blog about a women who spends a lot of time traveling in her Prius:

One aspect of the Prius lineup that intrigues me is the built in climate control. While I can appreciate traveling the country with great MPG, if I have to sit there shivering or sweating all night due to ambient temperatures, that's no fun. So when she discusses the engine cycling on about every 1/2 an hour to recharge the batteries from A/C usage ( that sounded A) wonderful and B) worrisome that it would prematurely wear out the battery pack or the engine from cycling on so often.

If my concerns about prematurely wearing out big ticket items are true, then the $ saved from high MPG and generally low maintenance would be negated and then some. Are there any real world examples of folks constantly cycling on the engine and charging up and then depleting the battery repeatedly out there? How did their drivetrain fair over time? Thanks!
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