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Hi Paul,

I haven't seen the directions for the power outlet mod but I'm guessing you're talking about that part of the dash that has the power outlet built into it? It's the cowling atop the hump between the passenger's and driver's seat?

If so, I know what you mean. It does feel like you're pulling harder than you have to. But, keep pulling, it'll come off without breaking.

Make sure that the little plastic rivet on the passenger's side of the cowling has been removed. Is this the plug you're talking about? If you're having trouble with that, you can reach behind it to help push it out. Theres' no catch to it. It just pops in and out.

As for the cowling. Start on the driver's side. Grab the cowling up by the dash and pull straight back. On the driver's side, there's two clips that hold it in place. These clips are near the top of the cowling. And, there's also a clamp that goes around an aluminum tube back there. Just pull straight back and all three will release. Gt your fingers as close to the top of the cowling as possible. After that, the other side is easy. There's two similar clips on the passenger's side. You'll be able to pull this off without wrecking anything or damaging the wires to the outlet.

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