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Ok, so I decided I'd put the power outlet mod in and I don't understand my problem. With great difficulty (lying on the floor of the driver's side and ruining one tap), I managed to attach the wire tap and jumper to the correct green cable (I hope!)

The next step is to remove the plug under the power outlet, which I did. According to the instructions, removing this plug "allows the dash to be pulled back to expose the rear of the outlet."

But I can't pull the dash out! Am I doing something wrong? I'm afraid that if I yank too hard, I'll damage the dash and won't be able to put it back. Or worse, yank the power outlet right out of its socket and damage something else behind it. With or without the plug, the dash seems to be stuck. Anyone know what I'm supposed to do? Now I've got this silly yellow wire dangling on the drivers side floor. Do I remove the whole dash, or just one side of it? Help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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