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Plugs gone bad?

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2011 Prius. as far as I know, plugs are original. (we bought at 60,000 miles.) Daughter is driving car in Louisville KY. She says she is getting message about changing plugs. How often should they be changed? WHAt is the warning signal? Thanks
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It's a good idea to check and replace spark plugs in your Prius as part of regular maintenance. For the 2011 Prius, Toyota generally recommends changing the spark plugs every 120,000 miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. Since you bought the car at 60,000 miles and the plugs are, to your knowledge, original, it might be time for a replacement if you're approaching or have exceeded the recommended interval.

The warning message your daughter is receiving could be a maintenance reminder or an indication that the engine is experiencing misfires due to worn-out spark plugs. While there isn't a specific "spark plug warning light," the car's computer may detect misfires and trigger a check engine light (CEL) on the dashboard.
thanks for your helpful reply
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