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I don't think you will have any issues. It is just water. It is highly likley that it will find its way out of a drain at the bottom of the door frame. Let's also look at where your electrics are in a rear door. You have 1 or 2 speakers in that door. If you have the JBL system the tweeter is at the top of the door, so that isn't going to be affected. The midrange/woofer is at the bottom. It might be touched by the water depending on the interior contours of the door panel. Water tends to stick to lines and grooves as it fall downward. There is a good chance that rigidity lines in the door panel will prevent the lower speaker from getting wet.

The door lock servo is above the point where the water entered, so I'm fairly certain that is not going to be an issue. The door window switch is slightly below the top of the entry point of the water, but I also doubt that water would hurt it if it did get wet.

That leaves the electrics for the window. I'm going to be on the positive side, but I figure that it should have a certain tollerance for water considering that it is located at a more vulnerable point, near the window actuator, and would be the most exposed to water coming inside the door through the outside seal.

I remain optimistic that there is no long term damage, and I do not really think that taking off the door panel is necessary, especially considering the difficult in taking it off and getting it back on again in a proper manner.
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