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It took some research, but I did get it working and it now seems to be fully functional.

First, some incidentals:

Palm Treo 650 running Palm OS Garnet v. 5.4.8

Verizon Wireless is my carrier. The Treo is a Verizon Treo.

2006 Prius with the Nav/BT/SE/SS package.

When I first brought home the Prius, trying to pair the phone was almost the first thing I tried. No joy. I was able to get the Treo to think that it had paired successfully, but the Prius just sat there saying, "Connecting...".

I had pretty much written off the Treo and was in the process of researching other phones, when I stumbled upon a message board entry somehwhere suggesting that upgrading the Treo firmware might make it possible to pair the phone. Here is the link provided for the firmware upgrade: ... tml#whatis

So I went throught the fairly arduous task of upgrading my Treo's firmware, only to find that as far as the Prius was concerned I might as well have eaten a cheeseburger. Same deal.

By now it was 3 AM and I figured what the hell, it's Saturday night, let me see if I can find out anyting else, so I found my way to some forum and saw this here:

Re:pairing Treo 650 to Toyota Prius Not Rated 06/02/05 08:43 PM
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Palm does not claim compatibility with any Toyota cars, per this link: ... almSuppo... However, I was successful in getting the Treo 650 to pair with my Toyota Prius. The trick is follow the steps on the phone and Prius until you see the "waiting" screen on the Prius. Then, just place a call on the Treo 650 and the pairing will be successful. Once paired, the phone generally works OK, however there are a couple of gotchas, including periodic pairing delays (the Prius said Bluetooth connection failed and then minutes/miles later says it's successful), also an incoming call on call waiting will cause the Treo to disconnect from the car (you need to end both calls before you can place another through the car). So far, this is a tolerable solution for me, but with so many people in the Bay Area (including a few editors at CNET of all places), Palm should do a bit more work to make their phone compatible with the hottest Bluetooth-ready car on the market.


Well, it worked. I went out to the car, ran the pairing sequence and when I got to the hanging "Connecting..." screen I dialed a number on the phone. The Prius suddenly woke up and declared the pairing successful, and the Verizon Wireless Treo 650 has been fully functional ever since.

Hope this helps...


PS: Yes, the phone book data transfer worked also. Just followed the Prius prompt and had the Treo "Send Category" from the Contacts Screen with "All" selected.

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I've used it..
It's a bit iffy at first. (We sat in front of our work parking lot trying two different Verizon Treo 650s to connect.. maybe if my sister and the Controller from work weren't trying to beat each other to the connection).

Try to connect.. make sure the phone can see "handsfree" blah blah.. put in the code on the cell phone.. as soon as it says it connects on the cell phone.. make a call.. You should hear the ringing through the speakers and you should be set..

For some reason that completely establishes it.. and from there you should be set..
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