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I know MRV is very kind to post monthly total sales of Priuii, but...

are there any data on the Package #'s sold?

I ask for two reasons:

-on the road, I seem to notice that almost everybody has Smartkey (I see the little black buttons on Le Prius Derriere);

-the vexing comparisons (are you saving money?) is very dependent on the comparison car a buyer would choose. If we knew the price class (Package) that Prius buyers tend to inhabit, it would provide some data for the now tiresome "you aren't saving money" debate.

-My impression is that there are a heck of a lot of #6 out there...and these drivers are pretty good candidates for a Camry or Accord or similar vehicle (in this price class) as a comparison purchase;

-But do we know what % of Prius are delivered in each package?
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