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Thought I'd share...

This is a really nice comparison.
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Nice and incomplete! You'd never know about the 8yr/100K mile warranty on the Toyota Hybrid System, or Toyota's 44-hp electric motor that adds 258 lb-ft. of torque to the 70-hp/82 lb-ft. of the ICE, for a total of 114 hp and a whopping 340 lb.-ft. of torque. I'm constantly amazed at the pro-Honda-anti-Prius bias in the press, based on many misconceptions, erroneous assumptions, and just plain ignorance, it seems.

Interesting. Is seat height adjustment new on the 2003? I have a 2002 and I'm not aware that the seat height is adjustable. Did I miss something? They list Cargo Net as unavailable. I bought one for ours. I also got front and rear floor mats for our 2002. Did Toyota discontinue these or is it bad research? That's rhetorical.
I was so annoyed by the inaccuracies and omissions about Prius on the Edmunds web site that I wrote to their "contact us" address. Naturally I never heard back from them, and needless to say they have not corrected their mistakes. Don't believe anything you read on!
thanks for the info! Still looking ... Any suggestions?

Henry, thanks so much for the information. I am just starting my search for a new car, and I THINK I want a Prius, but I haven't test driven one yet... still doing internet research. 2 yrs ago when I got my Passat lease, I was interested in the Prius, but the local Toyota dealer didn't have one I could test drive, didn't have anyone on staff who knew anything about it, and was taking orders as they were backordered for 2 months! I didn't like the sounds of any of that as it sounded to me like there'd be little to no service. Now, it seems that there are more Priuses around, and I really want one again!

I don't know much about cars (torque, horsepower at different rpm's etc) except I like to drive 'em and want a green one! I thought from looking I'm so glad I found this site!!! If you were just starting your research, what are the one or two places you'd go to compare?

My partner and I currently have a 2001 Volkswagen Passat and a 1993 Isuzu Pickup. I am considering all options. Right now my dream is to get rid of both the Passat and the truck and have 2 of the greenest vehicles around. We've thought of 2 Priuses (sp?), 1 Prius and 1 Insight, etc.

I believe we have 14 or 16 months left on the Passat. It was our first lease, and we were very naive about mileage. We're already way over, so we can't just turn it back in...

I wrote a local dealership to ask if I could drive one around for the weekend to determine if it's the car I want.

By the way, I don't think "Unavailable" means the option is unavailable, but that the information was unavailable to them. That's my guess.

Oh, I also want to get a stereo that plays MP3 CDs.

Any suggestions you all can give me on how to go about my research, get rid of the other 2 vehicles, etc. would be great... thanks!!

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Believe it or not, Toyota itself is an excellent source of info about Prius! See their web site. And I would venture to guess the same about Honda and the Civic Hybrid and Insight. Check out the various websites, such as, for reviews. I picked up the Prius brochure at the local dealer from whom I eventually bought my 2002; it has all the info about dimensions, options vs. standard equipment, colors, technical specs, etc., etc. I also checked Consumer Reports, but again with healthy skepticism because I don't think their automotive testers live with the vehicles they test long enough to really get to know them or feel comfortable drivng them. For example, CR's April 2003 Auto Issue still describes Prius brakes as "a bit touchy," which is what they said in their original review. I've had my Prius for almost a year now, but it didn't take very long for the brakes to feel perfectly natural and in fact they are fantastic brakes in terms of response and stopping distance. Now it's the brakes on my '91 Explorer that feel "a bit touchy," not to mention klunky. CR describes Prius acceleration as "adequate," when I have proven time and again to my own satisfaction that I can accelerate off the line faster than at least 90% of the cars around here. My Prius has never felt underpowered on the highway, either. CR describes Prius's 44-hp electric motor as "small," when it's much more powerful than HCH's dinky little 13-hp toy. (Point of reference: electric steetcars, which weigh 18,000 lbs. or so, were typically powered by two 50-hp electric motors, so one 44-hp motor for 2,700 lbs. ain't so small!). CR measured Prius fuel economy at 41 mpg, but most of us are getting in the 45-50 range (by the way, don't believe Toyota when it claims 52/city-45/highway. My results have been just the opposite. "Your results may vary"). I now have almost 15,000 miles on my Prius and---knock wood---absolutely NO problems whatever. I know this has not been the experience of some other Prius owners, but there are many more positives than negatives as I read the postings on the various Prius web sites. Good luck in your search, and I hope you like your new Prius!
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By the way, when you take your Prius for the test drive, don't be afraid to "give it the gun" and you'll experience that peppy acceleration I was talking about. Take it out on the highway, too, if at all possible, to experience the ride at speed and also the security of the passing acceleration.

Another thing I like about Prius is the continuously variable transmission (CVT)---no "thunk" or hesitation from shifting gears because there ARE no shifting gears!

Prius is the best car of the seven I have owned, by far!
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