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Hey all, long time lurker, but 1st time Prius buyer (hopefully).

Are there any major battery, etc problems with the earlier models ? 1999-2000.

A new 2005 Prius here in New Zealand runs to about $42K (!), there's absolutely no government help/rebates, and petrol costs $1.25 per litre.

But there's a solid and busy market of used cars in Japan (who are also right hand drive like New Zealand), so you can get a 2nd hand 2000 model for about $12,000.

Are there any issues with battery life, known faults, etc ? with these earlier models ? I've had a good dig through-out the www and couldn't see much.

But I was wondering if there were any real world drivers out there still puttering around in their 2000 model cars ?


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I suggest that you check out:
for the early Japanese-only 1998-2000 model year Prius, and their owners (several in NZ like you). Be sure to read through the archives, as your question has come up a few times.

First complaint is that the display screen is only in Japanese, the manual is in Japanese, as is the repair manuals...
Second complaint is that outside of Japan, there's little support for that model (parts, dealers who'll work on it, etc.)

and yes, the older model was a little harder on the hybrid battery. Apparently in Japan they'll do an even swap-out, but outside it's best of luck...
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