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TJandGENESIS said:
hybrideyes said:
TJandGENESIS said:
I think.
When you have the NAV on, and the arrow is in the circle as you drive along, does the name of the road always stay on under the arrow, (in a little box),or just when you change roads (as in from Atlantic, to US1, that sort of thing...)
Mine always shows the street name under the arrow in heads-up mode. I don't recall if it does in north-up mode.
North up mode?
page 9 of the 2004 Prius Navigation Owner's Manual: Orientation of the Map.
North-up screen, Heading-up screen. Both diagrams have the street on the bottom.

(I've never paid attention enough in my husband's 2004 BC to notice if the street is always there...)

However, looking at the Screen Configuration pages 53-56, the street appears only listed on the single or dual map. You do see the current street in the turn list, arrow screen, and freeway information screens, but not in the loction that was originally asked on this thread. I don't see the current street on the compass mode or the guidance screen, though.
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