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I drive mostly a mix of probably 1/3 surface streets to 2/3 urban but usually free-moving freeway. I have a 20-30 minute commute depending on traffic, and weekends usually bring a combination of short trips (<10 min) and one or two trips longer than my commute. I average about 45 mpg, my last tank was just under 47. The only time I see averages for a period of time less than about 43 is if I'm doing a lot of short drives to places I spend half an hour or more... if you do a lot of 5-10 minute trips it will bring your average down. If you can combine them into a longer series with short stops, so the engine stays warm, it may help.

I've played with various techniques to get better mileage; the keepers so far are using the cruise whenever feasible and trying to accelerate as gently as possible without annoying the other drivers. I sometimes play with "gliding" but there are only a few places where that's feasible, so I consider it a form of entertainment -- mostly I let the car do its thing.
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