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Never Seen 50 MPG

We've had our prius for 2750 miles. Mileage per tank averages 42-44mpg. I've never seen this 50 MPG for any extended period of time except for that one trip that is all down-hill.

We live at the top of a (small) mountain. The last leg is steep and the millage really drops there, but the going down-hill on the way out should make up for that, right?

We haven't adjusted the tire pressure and run w/ the A/C on, but still, the claim of 50 MPG doesn't seem very realistic to me. Plus, I've read several reviews of the prius and have never seen actual results of better than 45 MPG posted.

Maybe some of you live in the city with a lot of stop and go and really do get close to 60MPG. I've done that, and observed that it does work that way, but for the rest, i'm sorry, but i'm really skeptical about all of these 50+ MPG claims.

Even "that guy john" who does PR for Toyota only claims ~45 MPG for his prius.
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