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Next MR2 will be a hybrid

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A Toyota spokesman has suggested that the next Mk3 MR2 will be a hybrid, possibly out as early as 2005. My guess would be they'll probably stick an extra 50hp electric onto the 140 petrol hp already there. 0-60 probably in the 5s.

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Corolla, MR2, Tundra? No Highlander?!

Odd that the article mentions various Toyotas getting "the hybrid treatment" but not the Highlander, the only other publicly-announced hybrid from Toyota. (Well, that and the Toyota/Lexus 400h, which is just an upscale Highlander anyway.)
I heard somewhere that they were discontinuing the MR2 and Celica. Perhaps they meant the gasoline-only versions? :)
Unfortunately, the MR2 and the Celica will be laid to rest mid-05 due to a variety of factors. All conservative econo-boxes,SUV's and Hybrids. Will they ever give us a real sports car again?
Bring back the sequential turbo Supra!!!
My information also suggests that athe MR2 and Celica will stop at end of model year 2005, but goes on to say thre will be a new var, probably hybrid, which will site in this market segment and have an electric hard top.

I guess we will need to wait and see.
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