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TNTNA said:
We just 'bought' our second Prius tonight. Downpayment made and have to go pick it up this week. In all the excitement, I started telling the wife how much different the 05 was from the 01 with all the geek toys. After a few minutes I realized she was concerned that we had rushed into the decision of buying it since we only started looking for one two days ago. I asked her if she was worried about rushing in and she said no, she was stunned by all the neat things the new car has on it.

Remember the 01 didn't even have cruise. :lol:
Be forwarned that the "Jupiter Mango" hover Prius is not as Jupiter Mango colored as it looks in the brochure. It's more of a Mango Pearl. :wink:
Enjoy your new toy!
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