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New Prius, now the fun begins

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I recently (yesterday, as a matter of fact) purchased a new 2003 Prius for my wife. I must admit, I'm surprised at how much pep the torquey electric motor is it seems to be just as capable as any normal car. She was able to keep up with me at 80mph on the ride back down the NJ Turnpike and the ride is very smooth. Exactly what shes looking for.

Of course, no car is good enough as is (check out the M-class forum on to see what I mean). Ive already compiled a long list of things Id like to add to the car and was wondering if you would care to add any more:

A Valentine1 radar detector would be useful. My wife is used to a much lower Honda Prelude and shes got a tendency to go a little faster since the Prius is up a little higher.

I found a place that will let me integrate a CD/MP3 player:

I like this little brake/engine indicator:

It would be very neat to have a rear-view camera:

The remote trunk release is a neat feature:

Something else that Id like, but probably involves a software upgrade for the trip computer, is an estimated miles until empty. Probably the most useful upgrade would be Xenon projector headlamps, anyone know if any assemblies exist?
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There is a modification that you can do to cut the speed sensor wire out of the Prius nav. The only problem with that is that you'll be relying solely on the satellites for position information,
I don't have my tech manual in front of me, but if I recall correctly, the "speed sensor" is just a discrete: moving or not moving. Cutting this wire should not reduce any kind of dead reckoning function, if indeed the Prius NAV system has one. (I don't know--I'm NAVless.)

Douglas (2002 Silver, Wisconsin)
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