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New Owner Questions

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Hello All,
I'm glad to find this discussion. I bought a Silver 2002 Prius on 12/31/2002 from one of the local dealers here in Albuquerque. It is a Certified Toyota Used Car and I was told it was one of the dealer demonstrators. It had 3756 miles on it when I got it.
I'm trying to get some things straightened out with the dealership and I have some other questions.
1) The car had no manuals, etc. Before I drove it off the lot, the saleswoman found me a 2002 owner's manual. My question is what are the manuals, folders, info sheets, etc that came with the new 2002 Prius?
I want to get ahold of all this stuff, so I need to know what to ask the dealership to provide.
2) There is an article in the new Prius newsletter on the Toyota website that talks about increasing gas mileage. It refers to an aftermarket air filter. What is this airfilter and where can I get one?
3) Any recommendations for seat covers for a car equiped with side airbags?
Glad to be a Prius owner!
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