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New Owner Questions

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Hello All,
I bought a 2002 Silver Prius that is a Toyota Certified Used Car on Dec 31. It had 3753 miles on it and had been a dealer demonstrator.
The car is great! I'm still trying to get a complete set of keys and correct floor mats that were promised me by the saleswoman. I expect that will happen this week.
I have a couple of questions.

There were no manuals, etc in the car at the time I bought it. She found me a owner's manual before I left the dealership. I need a list of the manuals, folders, etc that would have come with a new 2002. Could someone post a complete list for those of us who have recently bought a used Prius?

On the Toyota webpage there is a copy of a Prius newsletter. There is an article in it about gas mileage by an unnamed owner. He/she mentions an aftermarket air filter that would increase mileage. Does anyone know what airfilter is being talked about?

Last question for the moment. My car has the side airbags. Has anyone found seat covers that fit cars with side airbags. The parts guy at the dealership said " Toyota does not recommend seat covers for Prius with air bags". Great, but I hope to drive this car as long as I did my previous Toyota ( an 89 Al Trac wagon with 219,000 miles) and I'd like to do the things that will keep it together.

Glad to have found this discussion group!

Ed K in NM
2002 Silver Prius bought used 12/31/02
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