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I think this is the right place to post this.

I bought a 2001 Prius about 3 weeks ago with 126,000 miles on it. It's very, very clean inside in fact it looks and feels almost new and everything else is beautiful as well except for some paint oxidation.

The owner said he had just put in a new hybrid battery a couple of months prior. Before purchase I took it to the Toyota dealership near me and had them do a pre-purchase which cost $125 at my expense. It passed with a few issues they recommended be fixed. The owner agreed to have those issues fixed at his expense at a shop that he had put in the hybrid battery in October of this year, that was close by. So the shop took the list of things that needed fixing and the owner paid for the fixes. After the fixes, getting registration up to date, I agreed to the purchase and bought the car.

I've driven it maybe 20 miles around town since then. Went out about a week ago to drive it on an errand and the red triangle of death came on. Because it was just before Thanksgiving, the shop that had worked on it last said they couldn't look at it until a few days ago. I also called the dealership who passed it on the pre purchase and they said they could look at it for another $125, but they were closed too.

The car continued to seem okay when I had started it and drove it a very short distance. But I turned it off and parked it because I was so worried about the Triangle of death. (It's my only vehicle right now and I bought it because my Durango engine overheated with cracked head/gasket)

I went out to see how it was a few days later and the triangle of death was gone, and was able to do a few errands. The previous owner said he had an error code that was corrected with a new gas cap, so I had taken the gas cap off and on a few times and then it was after that that I parked it (not sure if it's connected). But the car seemed fine. Although I admit I'm not familiar with the hybrid engine yet and the fact that it turns off and on, etc.

Parked it for a day, then went out to take it to the store and halfway there the red triangle of death came on again. It seemed to be driving fine still, so I got it home. This was yesterday.

I've been trying to figure out what could be wrong. Not sure if I should have it towed to the dealership or the repair shop that did the repairs that were needed and had replaced the hybrid battery. (I have the receipt for that) The previous owner also gave me all of the maintenance records of the one owner before him and it was maintained religiously for most of it's life. The previous owner also took good care of it from his records.

Very worried about it. The mechanic who did the pre purchase check-up shook my hand and congratulated me and told me I was making a good buy and that the car was "practically bulletproof" which is exactly what I needed after the huge money outlay and nightmare I just went through with my Durango.

Anyone have any ideas/thoughts? They will be greatly appreciated.
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