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I believe that this Mode absolutely does exist, I had noticed it a few times myself prior to reading this article. Also, another similar "no gas" A/C mode happens sometimes whilst going down long hill. The ICE can be heard and felt to start rotating as though in B mode as the A/C fans kick in whilst going downhill below 42 MPH, yet MPG is still showing 100MPG so no fuel is being used. Hitting the a/c button to turn it off causes the ICE to stop rotating and you can feel the ICE braking effect "let go"

All this is subtle stuff which only long experienced and observant Prius drivers can pick up on, but I am sure it is valid, and logical if you think about it. I mean why burn fuel to run the a/c if going down a long steep hill, much better to use the cars kinetic energy to drive the a/c!

Peter Rawlinson
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