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New Mode aka Electric A/C

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Yesterday it was warm and I ran the A/C as I was driving home from about 40 miles away. I had been driving on the interstate for 25 or 30 miles and then had to go through some congestion on a secondary road.

I was creeping along with ICE off (according to the Coastal run light) when I noticed that I could still *hear* the ICE running. I switched to the energy display and saw that indeed I was running stealth, but I could still hear it. After a bit it stopped. When I accelerated, the run light came on, the ICE sound started and things worked as expected. This happened several times, including when I was at a complete stop.

So my theory is that the battery was sufficiently charged the the various ECUs together decided the run the A/C compressor by using MG1 to turn the ICE, but without giving the ICE gas or spark. With no gas, the fuel pump (and thus the Coastal run light) was off, but since MG1 was turning the ICE in order to crank the A/C compressor, I could still hear it.

What do you think?

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Burns Fisher said:
I was creeping along with ICE off (according to the Coastal run light)
Folks - the Coastel ICE light monitors power to the fuel pump. If it says the ICE is off - it's either OFF or running on something other than gasoline...
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