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Hi: I was just looking up side moldings for Prii and was connected to this chat line. I'm very active in PriusChat, which is another chat line almost exactly like this one in format. Nice to see such enthusiasm for what is probably the most remarkable car produced in the last 25 years.
I got my Seaside Pearl #7 from a great dealership in Moses Lake, WA: James Toyota. These guys were fun to deal with and excited about selling me a Prius at MSRP. After being emotionally urinated on by the big city process of dealer greed, confusion and misinformation, it was a pleasure to find these guys.
I was about to accept a Silver #1 with 3500 miles on it for 1700 over MSRP at the suggestion of my car finder who was unable to track down anything else. The day after I tentatively agreed to buy the silver Prius, a member of PriusChat emailed me from Moses Lake and told me that "my car" was sitting on a dias in the parking lot unclaimed. I called them up and, sure enough, it was there for the asking. Twenty minutes later, I had my Prius.
I was nervous, however because it was going to take me a week to get my finances in order and I was expecting these guys to sell it out from under me as many people have experienced. Not so, they happily held on to it until my partner, his son, and I drove the 180 miles to Moses Lake to pick the car up.
I named it HUMU, for "humu humu nuku nuku apu'aa" , the Hawaiian triggerfish. Car and Driver, as many of you know, loves this car. The liked the "wedgy body, triggerfish shape". When I read that (three months before I had a car, and a week before I ordered one), I thought "HUMU" would be a good name.
The car has personality like the early VW Beetle did. Not often that a car can fill so many niches so well.
Looking forward to sharing car info and experiences with all of you.
p.s. the dealer in Moses Lake: James Toyota 509-765-4517. Tell them Bob Allen sent you. They've sold 6 Prii to Prius Chat line members.
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