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New forum, DC gathering

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Thanks for setting up this ad-free site. Do you have plans to add
some of the other features that make Yahoo's groups so nice.
Specifically having files/photos/weblinks/databases are pretty

Next question: how to get people to frequent this board without
severly splintering (or if we splinter, getting the best content here :).
Of course this will take time, but it probably needs some proactive
encouragement as well.

To keep this on-topic, let me say a few words about the DC gathering
the other day:

It was amazingly well attended, but because of the location there
was no way to reach the larger (non-prius) community. The rationale
for moving to the roof was concern over terrorism. Are they calling
folks who support a clean environment and responsible energy consumption terrorists now? Just kidding there, but I think it's a
pretty weak reason to prevent 10 prius' from being able to park
in front of Union Station.

The amount of customization that people had done to their cars was
quite impressive. Just about every gadget ever mentioned (and a
number never mentioned) was there to see, plus nearly every available
color. I don't think anybody had a leather interior (I missed it if someone
did). There were also a few interesting vanity plates. I still need to get
one myself.


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