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Dear Prius/Insight/Hybrid enthusiasts,

I'm sending this message to EVERYONE on my list, not just the ones who said they're coming, in the hopes that those of you who declined will get your priorities straight by Saturday! If you haven't told us you're coming,
please do so, but if you decide at the last minute, that's okay, please

What: The New England Gathering
When: Saturday, June 22, noon to ~5:00pm.
Where: 138 Rice Road, Wayland, Massachusetts
Directions: Go to, and look under "club info",
"directions". Or just plug the address into your NAV system, silly!
How many: About 25 people have said they're coming, but there may be more because the word is still spreading.
How much: We're asking $10 per person to cover lunch (sandwiches, salad, soda, juice, etc.) and a modest facility fee. Many thanks to Westboro Toyota for picking up the bulk of the facility charge.
Warning!: Please stay in the parking lot or in the building - do NOT wander
into the woods. Poison ivy runs rampant around the place and even if you're not allergic, you could pass it on to others.
Who: Sam Williams and Michelle Vadeboncoeur are organizing this event. We are co-moderators of

Details, man!

The *primary* purpose of this gathering is to allow people who drive these
cars to meet one another and discuss our cars and our experiences. Some
people may have problems/concerns they'd like some help with, some may want to learn more about the technology, and some may just want to meet others who, like them, took this bold step. As a result, the format is largely
wide open - go where you want and do what you want to do. However, to
provide some structure, I suggest we have a group gathering inside at
1:00pm. We can spend 30-45 minutes discussing issues of general interest, and then break up into smaller groups for more detailed discussions, or just move out to the parking lot for more ogling.

Also of interest:

-Scott Pearson of Nova Cruz Products, Inc. is bringing 2 Voloci electric
motorbikes for test rides, and a few Xootr scooters for giveaways.

-Craig Van Batenburg, owner of ACDC, the Automotive Career Development
Center in Worcester, will be at our gathering from 1pm to 2pm to answer any questions you may have about the Prius, Insight, Civic hybrid or the new Ford Escape. Craig can also talk to Fuel cells and pure EV's. He will be
holding a question and answer period using simple terms. The high techies
can corner him later on.

Craig Van Batenburg is the only independent technical hybrid trainer in the
US. He has taught hybrid classes to in-service technicians in CA, NV, NJ,
PA, NY and MA. Craig is a hybrid owner (an Insight ser # 000157), writes for
technical trade magazines about hybrid cars and is an ASE Master technician. He has also driven both AT and Std Civic Hybrids and loves the Prius.

Hand outs will be given out.

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